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1) Soothes the pain of arthritis 2) Reduces bruising 3) Takes the burn out of sunburn 4) Softens hands and cuticles 5) Speeds healing 6) Great for inflammation 7) Relieves the sting of insects 8) Helps prevent peeling of sunburn 9) Moisturizes skin 10) Revives tired muscles 11) Soothes chapped skin 12) Helps heal insect bites 13) Reduces swelling 14) Relieves diaper rash 15) Prevents soreness after athletic workouts 16) Increases mobility 17) Relieves and reduces pain from “shin-splints” and tendonitis 18) Reduces pain in post radiation burns 19) Helps relieve growing pains 20) Helps prevent razor burn 21) Softens dry skin 22) Helps pain of carpal-tunnel syndrome 23) Itchy skin relief 24) Thickens skin/reduces fine lines 25) Helps prevent scarring
26) Reduces stretch marks 27) Diminishes acne inflammation 28) Reduces swelling of sprains 29) Strengthens weak nails 30) Conditions hair 31) Helps chapped lips 32) Relief of muscle cramps 33) Great for massage 34) Softens calluses 35) Reduces itching and flaking of psoriasis 36) Aid for relieving and prevention of bed sores 37) Revive tired eyes and puffiness 38) Protects skin from chlorine irritation 39) Diminishes wrinkles 40) Calms flare up from rosacea 41) Reduces the appearance of age spots 42) Relieves eczema 43) Great for after bath, after sauna or after spa 44) Soothes skin after waxing 45) Aids healing of cold sores 46) Calms hot spots on pets 47) Alleviates headaches 48) Gives skin youthful appearance 49) Promotes healthy skin and nails 50) Helps prevent blistering
New Millennium skin care includes emu oil products The Aborigines of Australia had a secret for centuries, emu oil. I bet that once you hear about the benefits of emu oil, you won't be able to keep the secret either! For centuries men and women, young or old, Doctor or house wife, have used emu oil. The uses of emu oil are as diversified as the people who use it. Emu oil, is a creamy moisturizing substance that nurtures the skin. As soothing to the skin as a fountain of water is in the heat of summer, emu oil nourishes the body. Emu oil allows the body to take care of itself by supplying essential fatty acids and other natural essentials. Emu Oil quenches the needs and desire of the body to replenish, re- vitalize and rejuvenate itself naturally. Don't take the word of this ancient Australian tribe as truth. Listen to what American physicians and scientists are saying about emu oil. Alexander Zemtsov, M.D., M.S. at the Indiana University School of Medicine and associates from Ball Memorial Hospital found -- through a "double blind" study (neither patient or doctor knows what oil is being used) -- that emu oil was non-irritating, highly moisturizing and nurturing to the skin. Further studies found emu oil to be non- comedogenic, meaning that it doesn't clog pores making emu oil very effective for a variety of uses. Many personal testimonials tempt us with overwhelming facts of effective results. One testimony boasts "Most topical treatments used today are not effective, or in many cases, can cause further skin irritation instead of helping the problem. With the use of emu oil products, positive effects are apparent, usually within three days of the start of treatment." And because Emu oil has moisturizing properties, it leaves the feeling of expensive Persian silks on your skin. Emu oil body lotions and creams are available in many common stores hosting many exotic ingredients to provide added benefit. Need insect remedies? Try going to the birds. Drat! Another pesky mosquito zeroing in on your arm. Chiggers nipping at ankles? Fire ants wreaking havoc in your sandals? Ouch! Doesn't sound like much fun, does it? But buggy intruders have become the rule for outdoor events like hiking adventures, fishing outings and camping trips. Itching, twitching and scratching, you flee to the medicine cabinet for a remedy, only to find it overflowing with products, most of which are barely used because they don't work. But look no further. After years of use and study, emu oil is proving to be the answer to the biting and stinging insects of the summer. "Emu oil is an effective remedy to most insect bites and stings because it is non-greasy, odorless and absorbs quickly," said Neil Williams, president of the American Emu Association. Originally from Australia, the Emu is a member of the ratite family. The native Aborigines have known of the healing properties of emu oil for centuries. Now, emu oil has become popular for it's anti-sting and bacteriostatic properties. "It's also perfect for hunters who need something to apply to bites or stings without repelling game with strong odors," Williams added. To treat insect bites, apply emu oil to the affected area for relief. For painful bites, such as scorpion and jellyfish stings, a little emu oil will ease the pain. To help prevent infections that may result from insect bites, Dr. Alexander Zemtsov of the Indiana University Medical School, said, "Emu oil is bacteriostatic and does not promote bacterial growth, that makes for an important quality." Emu oil is also excellent for sunburn relief, moisturizing the skin to avoid peeling as it magically relieves the burning pain and the redness that lingers after a day in the sun. And it also moisturizes parched skin after any outdoor adventure. So, for the next backyard barbecue, a day at the lake or that next camping trip, make emu oil a part of your first aid kit. It's healing, soothing properties will make any outing more comfortable. Emu Oil Offers Hope to Burn Victims Some Physicians Using Emu Oil To Assist In Burn Treatment Dallas, Texas- Burn victims, unlike many other accident victims, are faced with a multitude of roadblocks on the road to recovery. Beyond the shock and trauma of the initial incident, they must endure agonizing pain, the everpresent risk of infections and the actual treatment of their wounds as well, which often entails scraping the burn siteto promote new skin growth. The likelihood of extensive scarring without and sometimes even with numerous plastic surgical procedures is an ever-present anxiety as well. However, some physicians are finding that the addition of Emu oil to the treatment regime for burn victims is affording a ray of hope to the future recovery of some burn victims. Emu oil, in many circles, is known for its support of the healing process where tissue is involved. Dr. Dan Dean, a Mount Pleasant, MI physician, states that his use of emu oil has shown promise. "I have used emu oil extensively in the treatment of first, second and third degree burns,” the doctor said. "In my opinion, emu oil greatly contributes to skin health, providing major benefits to the patient. The complex properties and makeup of emu oil are exceptional for overall assistance to burn victims. I repeatedly see positive results even in those with third degree burns," Dean states. Emu oil, with its totally natural properties, may offer burn victims and attending physicians some hope in the battle to promote new skin growth and find ways to lessen the extent of the prolonged and painful traditional treatments of skin scraping and numerous skin grafting in burn cases. For additional information on the use of emu oil in this and other medical situations, as well as the overall benefits derived from emu oil and meat products, visit the industry's web site at today .

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