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People are successfully incorporating Emu Oil into their cancer

treatment plans.

Emu Oil and Radiation Treatment

Radiation treatment causes excessive dryness, irritation and burns to the skin which

can be very uncomfortable and may even limit treatment. Clinical research has

proven that emu oil can:

1. Increase the thickness of skin

2. Speed the healing of burns

Emu Oil and Chemotherapy

Well over half of cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy develop very

painful intestinal ulcers. Up until recently, there have been very few effective

treatments for this distressing condition. Now researchers have found that

chemotherapy patients who ingest Emu Oil experience accelerated repair of

damaged bowels. The oil stimulates intestinal "crypt" growth, and this assists with

food absorption. This enhanced ability to absorb nourishment naturally helps

patients maintain better overall health for more successful recovery.

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Prescription Medication and Joint Pain

Women with hormone sensitive breast cancer are frequently treated with oral medications to lower their estrogen

effect or to stop estrogen production altogether. Estrogen has a moisturizing effect on body tissues, and the lack of

hormone effect caused by these treatments often is experienced as dry, irritated joints. Topical Emu Oil or Emu Oil

based pain formulations applied over areas of inflammation have been shown to reduce these symptoms.

Biopsy, Surgery and Reconstruction

Studies have indicated that emu oil works best if application is begun 24-48 hours after surgery. Applied too quickly

its anti-inflammatory properties may even delay healing, applied too late & scar tissue may have already begun to

build up.

For more information on the many uses for emu oil, go to: http://www.clarkshoovesnfeathers.com/50ways.htm

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