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At 64, I have developed arthritis in my left thumb. If was excruciating. I went into my bathroom closet where I keep medications, etc. and found a 2 oz. roll-on of Super Blue Stuff. I didnít even remember buying it, but I decided to try it as nothing else worked. I rolled it on and within 10 minutes, I thought I felt a distinct lessening of the pain. I applied more and almost before I realized it, the pain was almost gone. Now I use Super Blue Stuff all the time, It has allowed me to do things I could not do because the pain had been so awful. This stuff really works. I just reordered for the second time. It is amazing to find a product that actually does what it claims to do. Super Blue Stuff is that product. The roll-on is easy to use without making a mess and without having to wash your hands after application. Great stuff!
Chris, Portsmouth, VA

Posted 9/10/14

Posted 9/12/14

Have used this product for a long time, years. Nothing comes close for my pain then this. I use it for muscle and joint pain when needed. Iíve had surgery on my back in 1971 and have lived with pain right up to the time I started using this product and now have relief in minutes. It is the best stuff I know. Thanks for blue stuff. I am now 78 and still going
Jim, Bradenton, FL
I have been using Blue Stuff for the past 1 0 years and absolutely love it. It might seem expensive but when I use it and get almost instant relief from pain. Itís worth the price. Maybe its not the same for everyone, but its an incredible blessing for me.
Winter Park FL

Posted 9/20/14

Posted 9/21/14

I was introduced to Blue stuff back ten or more years ago when I lived in Oklahoma. I have the easy roll-on and carry it wherever I go. It instantly relieves my restricted muscles in my back and neck. I have let my friends try it and they felt the relief it gives.
Bev, Ocala, FL
Before yard work, I apply to my lower back and neck. If itís needed, the product heats up and begins relieving any pain. Stiff neck, sore knees and hands, immediate relief for my husband who has RA. It has been over 13 years when I started with a sciatica problem. Within a few minutes, I began receiving relief. I do not go on any trip without Super Blue Stuff in my suitcase and itís always on my vanity counter.
BLUESPRING Customer, Tampa, FL

Posted 9/25/14

Posted 9/25/14

I have pain all over and Super Blue Stuff relieves the pain almost instantly. I am so glad to have found such a product as this. I have my whole family using it. Everyone should order a case at a time and enjoy the relief you get.
BLUESPRING Customer, Graham, KY
My Mother has chronic pain in her legs. When she uses this she has almost immediate relief. This keeps her mobile and ďthatĒ is the most important thing to her! Thank you BlueSpring!
BLUESPRING Customer, Kaufman, TX

Posted 9/30/14

Posted 10/2/14

Unlike any other topical analgesic líve used, it starts working right away and it has lasting effect. Helps me get stiff joints moving from prior joint replacement surgeries. Good warm up cream before going for a walk.
BLUESPRING Customer, Valencia, CA

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